"Managing the story you tell yourself is the most important thing you will ever do to get the results you want."

Does your story sound like this?

You hired a team because you thought it was going to make things easier and help you grow your business faster.

But now...

You feel like you are two different people - the one who shows up strong and successful in your business and the clueless leader who has no idea what to do with the team you just hired.

You feel overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated. You don't understand why your team doesn't just know what to do. 

You can't remember the last time you took a vacation without someone from your team calling you every hour.

You are questioning if your business is even worth it.


If you are thinking, "Who is this woman?!? Get out of my head." 

You are in the right place. (and you are not alone)

I'm a Business Coach. 

I work with business owners, just like you, who are struggling to lead a team. 

Yes, leading a team can feel like the hardest thing you have ever done but I promise you it doesn't have to be hard.

I have been leading teams for almost 20 years. I know what it takes to build a successful team and a solid foundation for your company to grow.

It starts with YOU as the leader.

I teach my clients how to manage themselves so they can then manage others.

You can do this! You know how to do hard things. YOU built a successful business!  

Now, you just need to learn how to lead.

Are you ready?


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What exactly is a strategy session?

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