You are a Manager, now what?

Jan 01, 2019

Congratulations!  You’ve finally got that promotion.

Welcome to the business of people. Your job now is to figure out how to get results without doing everything yourself.  Not an easy task especially if you have spent your entire career up to this point producing outstanding results from your hard work.

Most managers are promoted because they rock their jobs.  Go you!

Most managers I know – including me - never had any formal training in how to manage people. It’s insane!  Sure, there is training on the policies and procedures your team must follow, and you must know what it is your team does, but your real success in management is building a team that produces outstanding results and hopefully enjoys coming to work every day. 

I was recently talking to a successful manager about his career path.  He shared with me his biggest surprise about management was how little “work” he would be doing and how much time he...

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