worried? try this...

Apr 07, 2020

These days have been strange for me...for all of us.

I am heading toward the end of week 4 of social distancing. It feels so weird. I have been on the road every week this year - and suddenly everything came to a screeching halt.

Now I find myself all over the place with my emotions. One day I am ready to take on the world the next I am contemplating the value of brushing my hair. You?

Life is uncertain.  

COVID-19 is just a new way to remind us of the uncertainty of life. Our brains are like "WTF is this? I haven't mentally prepared for this one?!?"

It is our brain's job to keep us safe - even though sometimes it gets in the way of us living.

For right now, let your brain do its job. Let it worry. But don't let it paralyze you.

When you start to feel worried, feel worried but do something while your brain is running a million miles an hour. Use that energy wisely.

I clean. Like really clean. I went all Marie Kondo on my condo. Cleaning grounds me.

I know that cleaning isn't everyone's jam. I get it.  

But I am going to challenge you to pick one thing and organize it. Anything. Your sock drawer, your pictures, your files, you choose.

As you are going through your items, ask yourself:

  • Does this item serve me anymore?
  • Does it spark joy? (Thanks Marie)
  • Do I even really want it?
  • Is it outdated?

If you answer no, to any of these questions, let it go.

Then try this exercise with some of your thoughts.

What is that one thought that keeps spinning in your head?

Pluck it out of your brain and ask yourself the same questions:

  • Does this thought serve me?
  • Does it spark joy? (Thanks Marie)
  • Do I even really want to think it?
  • Is it outdated?

and then let it go.

Do this exercise every day - not only will you clean up your space, but you will also clean up your brain.


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