who knew the power of this little word

Jul 14, 2020


Such a simple word.

Yet, under-utilized.

As a society, we like to replace it with OR.

You either this OR that.

All OR Nothing.

We are complex beings. 

We are all things.

As women, we are:

Feminine AND Masculine

Confident AND Insecure

Outspoken AND quiet

Motivated AND complacent

Focused AND Distracted

You get the idea.

Unfortunately, we are taught to choose one or the other – or at least pretend to be one and not the other.

We are taught to hid part of ourselves.

So much pressure to live that way.

It’s exhausting.

Can we stop this bullshit limited way of thinking once and for all?

Can we embrace ALL of us?

The good AND the bad.

It’s time to take the pressure off.

Let’s start living the full story of who we are.

Imagine what we can do in this world if we stop wasting energy trying to meet everyone’s expectations.

It’s an impossible task.

So why don’t we try a new way of being?

I’m ready. 

Are you?

PS: I am committed to working with leaders who are ready to learn how to drop this bullshit story and become the leader they are meant to be. Imagine the possibility on the other side of this story. Click here to schedule a strategy session if you are ready to get to work.











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