there is no 'right' way

Jun 02, 2020

As leaders, we are often challenged with knowing 'the' right way to handle a situation.

These past few months...days...may find you struggling even more than usual.

Such heaviness in the world.

The advice I give leaders (and myself) is to be authentically YOU in everything you do.

This will look different for each person, for each event, for each day. And that is okay.

There is no right way.

My advice is to check in with yourself first. How are you feeling? What is going on for you? Get clear in your head. Feel all the feels.

This doesn't mean tuck away everything going on in that beautiful brain of yours and getting on with business as usual.

It means to acknowledge your truth.

And then check in with your team. Give them space to be human. To feel. To react. To process.

Then figure out how to move forward with work today. And then the next day. And then the next.

Compassion and kindness - for your team - for you.




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