lonely at the top...(it doesn't have to be)

Jun 30, 2020

Do you have days when you feel like you live on a deserted island within your own company?

As a business owner, it’s you and only you to handle the day-to-day issues and questions.  

You are responsible for everything from the customer experience to employee management – which can feel completely overwhelming.

You have to dance that fine boss/friend line.

It’s awkward critiquing your employees, especially if you feel like you have a close relationship with them. 

It’s frustrating when you want to get your work done, but you are constantly being interrupted with questions - and you don’t want your team to think you don’t care.

Being the boss means you don’t have anyone to turn to shares your fears, your wins, your insecurities.

You are constantly questioning whether you are making the right decision, what you should or shouldn’t say, what should or shouldn’t do.

It would be nice to have someone to lean on. 

I can be your someone.

You don’t need to feel isolated in the world of leadership.

My clients don't feel isolated.  

They feel like they finally have someone on their side, someone to mentor them, teach them, hold them accountable.

Wondering what it looks like to work with me?

I work one-on-one with clients for 12 weeks.  This includes weekly meetings and a private Slack channel for in-between session communication.

During this time, we work through your hot issues (usually employee-related) first.  I use these issues to coach and teach you how to lead your employees. 

We talk about YOU and what skills you need to develop, such as having difficult conversations, managing your time, setting boundaries with your employees, etc. 

We talk about your TEAM.  How to hire. How to fire. How to build the culture you want in your business.

And finally, we develop short and long-term plans for setting a strong foundation of systems and processes for your business so it can start to manage itself. 

All customized for your needs. 

Sound like something you need?

Then don’t hesitate.  Click here to schedule a free strategy session with me.  

Every business owner needs a coach. 

I'd be honored to be yours.

Here's what some of my clients are saying...

"The value I got from working with Jen far exceeded the investment." ~ Laura

"She lit the abyss of leadership for me" ~Lisa

"I not only learned how to lead my team, but I also learned a ton about myself." ~Jason

"Jen pushes you but in such a good way.  She gave me permission to lead. I feel like I finally have the team I need to help me grow my business." ~ Chris

"Jen is so normal and down-to-earth.  She made me feel really comfortable admitting I really had no idea what I was doing and that I had just been faking it with my team." ~ Jay



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