Leaves on snow?!?

Nov 12, 2019

We had snow twice this week - TWICE!

I get it. I live in Wisconsin but...


I found myself (and heard a lot of others) complaining about it being too soon for snow.  

Um...did I just do it again?

How often do you find yourself wishing for things to be different than they are?  

"I wish I had more time in the day."

"I wish my team just knew what to do."

"I wish I could actually work normal hours so I can actually have a life."

When we get caught in the mental tug-of-war between what we want life to be vs. what it is, we lose every time. AND we waste a ton of mental energy on things we can't change rather than focusing this energy on the things that we can. Like...

~ Managing yourself around your time.

~ Managing your team by setting expectations and holding them (and yourself) accountable to those expectations.

~ AND prioritizing your health over everything else because, without your health, you ain't got nothin'

Rather than wishing your life away, I challenge you to catch those thoughts - really look at the story you are telling yourself and ask "Is this helping me get the results I want?"

My guess is the answer is no.


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