If I had a different boss, I'd...

Aug 11, 2020

I received this mug from one of my team members for Christmas one year.

I proudly display it in my office.

Not as proof that I was a good boss


Because it represents the power of stepping into my role as a boss from a place of authenticity and integrity.  

Our working relationship didn't start out as sunshine and roses.  

We were two strong leaders working to do a good job.  

We each had our role - and our own opinions.  

She challenged me to grow as a leader and own my role as her boss.  

And I did.  

In every interaction, I showed up from a place of honesty.  

Even when it was uncomfortable as hell.  

She learned to do the same with me.  

We had heated discussions, debates, and flat out disagreements.  


We learned to respect the heck out of each other.  

That's what this mug represents.  

If you are struggling to step into your 'boss' role, this week's podcast is for you.  

I give you three ways to practice being the boss.  

1. Using visualization

2. Developing a mantra

3. Finding your own Sasha Fierce  

Your team needs you to perform your responsibilities as the boss

They need direction. 

They need to know what you expect so they can perform their job effectively.

They need to know when they aren't meeting your expectations so they can adjust and start doing a good job. 

Your team will respect you and work harder for you if you lead them.

Click here to check out this week's podcast.  


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