"I thought having a team would make my business easier."

Mar 24, 2020

Sound familiar?

Maybe you told yourself, “One day this will all be worth it.  My business will be a well-oiled machine.  Right now, I just need to get some help so that my business can continue to grow.  A team is definitely the answer to taking the pressure off.”

How’d that work out for you?

So many of my clients are surprised at how hard it is to have a team.  They thought adding bodies to their thriving business would relieve some pressure.  Instead of having to continue to hustle, they could share the workload.

It makes sense.

Except it isn’t that easy. 

YOU know exactly what your business needs.  YOU know all the moving parts. YOU live and breathe your business.

But your team doesn’t. 

They don’t know your business like you do.  They aren’t wired like you. They don’t think or work as you do. 

And that's okay.

Your team needs you to LEAD.  To tell them exactly WHAT and HOW to do their job.  They need a job description, processes, procedures, performance expectations, someone to hold them accountable. 

They need to understand who you are as their leader, your vision for the company, the culture of your company – and how they fit into the big picture.

They need structure. 

Yes, they need all of this…from you.

Yep, it is hard.

But once you learn how to lead and how to structure your business so it is scalable, it gets easier.

You just need to learn how to do it.

I can help.

When I work with you, I’ll teach you how to set up a solid foundation for your business so that it can continue to grow without burning you out.

We’ll talk about you as a leader, your vision for the company, your team and how to manage them, what systems to set up, what tools to use, how to manage your time.

Yes, it takes work and time and money. 

But what is the cost to you - financially and personally - if you don't do this work?

Don’t you owe it to yourself? Don’t you deserve to build the business of your dreams? 

You have come this far, keep the momentum going.

You can do it.


If you are READY to do the work, to invest in yourself, your business, your team, your future, NOW is the right time.  Click here to schedule a 45-minute free strategy session, and let’s get started!


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