i spent FIVE hours watching Netflix last night

Apr 21, 2020

And yes, Netflix asked me, "are you still watching?"...several times.

Each time, I yelled at it to stop judging me as I pressed the 'continue to watch' button.

Me. Netflix, My couch. Some homemade peanut butter bread.

Exactly what the doctor ordered.

I spent most of yesterday (prior to noted Netflix binge) feeling extremely anxious. I was worried about everything - my family, my friends, my business, your business, my hair, the pandemic, the protestors, the state of the world, all the things.

I tried to coach myself out of it, but my brain was having none of it. So I stopped, got out a comfy blanket, and plopped on the couch.

This morning, I feel human again.

I have been pushing myself too much lately - working a lot. I justified it because really 'what else is there to do.' And, of course, work provides a nice distraction from all the crazy-ass stuff going on in the world right now.

All work and no self-care makes Jen a cranky 'you know what.'

Are you taking care of yourself through this crisis? Or are you powering through?

Yes, we need to be working and figuring out how to navigate this unprecedented time in our world. I absolutely believe how we show up during this crisis is what will get us through it even stronger than when we started.


That doesn't mean it should come at the expense of your health - mental or physical.

Do what you need to do for YOU...for your body...for your brain. Trust that taking care of yourself means you will be able to do a better job taking care of your business.

If you don't, believe me, your body will force you to take a break. And it may be a bigger break than 5 hours on a couch. Just sayin'

You first then your business.


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