I don't know what to do.

Jan 14, 2020

How many times have you said this exact sentence?  Too many times to count?

This is what our brains do. When faced with a challenge, our brains will default to confusion.  Thoughts like “I don’t know where to start.” “I don’t know what to do.” “This is so overwhelming.”

The result?  We stay stuck.

What if you did know what to do?

When faced with a decision, rather than allowing your brain to default to indecision.  What if you asked yourself, “If I did know what to do, what would I do?”

Now your brain has something to work with – a problem to solve.

Here’s a little secret…

You do know what to do. Honestly, you do.  You need to allow your brain to noodle around with the problem.

How do you do this?  Give your brain time and space to think.  Literally.

Here a couple of things to try:

Go old school. Get out a pen and some paper and start writing.  This is by far my best method for coming up with solutions.  I write out my problem and write out the question, "What should I do next?"  Writing allows me to process my thoughts better.  It slows me down.  It gives my brain time to process.  I am always amazed by the results.

Move your body. Exercise is such a great way to clear out the mental clutter.  Go for a walk - a distraction-free walk – no music, no podcasts, no books on tape.  Trust me. An idea will come.

Take a shower. No, seriously. I have had the best ideas come to me in the shower or when I was drying my hair.  Because my brain is not focused on anything specific, it has the bandwidth to problem solve.  Come on; I KNOW I am not the only one.  Am I?

Find what works for you and do it.

You don’t need someone to tell you what to do.  You know what to do. 

Trust yourself. 

That gut feeling is worth more than you can even imagine.


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