First things first

Aug 25, 2020

Before you can even start thinking about working with a team to grow and scale your business,

you need to begin with managing yourself first - which means managing your brain. 

You need to evolve as a person to meet the demands of a growing business.  

If you don’t learn more about yourself and understand what you need to learn to become a leader, you won’t be able to grow your business. 

And this growth starts with your brain. 

Your brain is the most important thing that you will manage, not just in your business, but for your life. 

When my clients first come to me, they feel overwhelmed and exhausted. 

They can’t see how their business will ever run without them hustling a million hours a day.  

They aren’t having fun anymore, and they thought hiring a team would make everything easier.  

It doesn’t. 

Now, I want to highlight something very important. 

It isn’t your business or even your team that is causing you to feel overwhelmed. 

It is your thoughts about your business and your team that is causing you to feel this way. 

As you grow your business, you are adding more responsibilities to your plate - like managing a team; you are starting to dream bigger, you begin to map out a plan to increase your revenue

which means your business starts to take on its own identity. 

It’s no longer just about you. 

This growth may cause you to think thoughts like

This is too much to handle.  My team takes up all of my time.  I don’t know when I will be able to focus on the other parts of the business that need my attention.” 

These thoughts are what cause you to feel overwhelmed, frustrated, exhausted.

And if you don’t start to take a look at these thoughts and change them, there is no way you are going to build the business of your dreams

because you are not as effective when you are feeling these types of feelings.

This shift is possible if you commit to doing the work - on yourself - on your brain.

Interested in learning how?  Tune into this week’s episode ‘First things first’ and find out how.


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