do you remember...

Nov 26, 2019

…when you were excited about your business?

Think back to the day you decided to step into your dream and start your own business.  What were you thinking?

‘I am finally going to be my own boss.’

‘This is such a great idea!  People are going to love it.’

‘I can’t wait to make a lot of money.’

‘Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!’


Still feel the same way or is it more like...


‘There's just not enough time in a day.’

‘Why can’t my team just do what they are supposed to do.’

‘It’s easier to just do it myself.’

‘Maybe being my own boss was a bad idea.’

‘I have no idea what to do next.’


What happened? 


My guess is success. Your business grew.


But did you grow along with it?

When you were working for yourself, you only needed to worry

But now you have a team and that means you are working with people and they need to know what to do and it is your job to tell them what to do. And maybe you have more customers and you want to continue to deliver more products at a high level of customer service. And all of this takes TIME!

As your business grows, you need to grow along with it.  And a big part of that growth is learning how to manage yourself.

One of the foundational tools I teach my clients is how to pay attention to the stories they tell themselves.

If you fill your brain with all the reasons your business was a bad idea, how horrible your team is, and how you don't have a life anymore,  you aren’t going to get the results you want because you are feeling terrible all. the. time. DO you want to feel about your business?






These feelings are available to you right this minute.

You just need to start telling yourself a different story.






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