Afraid to lead?

Jun 23, 2020

are you afraid to lead your team?  

Before you's a reminder of some of the items on your job description…  

  • Delegate duties you have always done to someone else
  • Trust your team with the health of your business
  • Set expectations
  • Hold your team accountable to these expectations
  • Hire the right people
  • Fire the wrong people
  • Learn how to communicate clearly to your team
  • Establish systems/processes for your team to execute  

Ok, now answer my question.  

Are you thinking, “Oh hell yes! I have no problem doing any of these things.”?


Did you suddenly feel like you were at the leadership buffet, picking and choosing what you put on your plate, “I’ll take a little expectation setting but hold the accountability…”  


Maybe you were thinking, “Are you kidding me? I have to do these things. WTF?”  

If you weren’t a ‘hell yes’, why?  

Are you afraid your team is going to find out you have no idea how to lead them?  

Are you afraid to correct your team when they make a mistake because they may get annoyed with you or, God forbid, hate you?  

Are you afraid to hand over the things in the business that you are good at and like to do because no one can do it like you?  

Are you afraid to trust your team to get it right so you micro-manage the hell out of them (but tell yourself you are just trying to help them)?  

Shall I go on?  

There's no shame in admitting you are afraid of some of your responsibilities as a leader. 

If you ask around, you would find most leaders are.  

But what if it were possible to embrace all of it (not necessarily love)?  

It is possible.  

You can learn how to lead without fear.  

You just need to learn how to.  

Now, you can read a book or two or ten, watch a couple of YouTube videos, and tackle learning the list above by yourself 

or you can speed up the process and get help from me.  

After leading teams and coaching managers for almost 20 years, I know how to do these things AND I can teach YOU all the tools of the trade.  

If you truly want to scale and grow your business, you have to learn how to lead effectively.  

Let me help you get back to focusing on what you do best – growing your business.  

If you are interested, click here to schedule a strategy session, and let's chat! 


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