a word of caution

Dec 31, 2019

It’s New Year’s Eve!  YAY! 🎉🍾

This is the time of year people like to go BIG.  Champagne and ball dropping aside. I am talking about setting goals for the upcoming year.

🚧proceed with caution🚧

You know the statistics.  For many, those goals are going to be just words on a piece of paper…a distant memory…a reason to beat ourselves up.

Let this year be different.

Remember when I hosted ‘Take Action August’.  What was the biggest thing I stressed in every single Facebook live?!?

Working on one thing at a time.🔥

Yes, just one.

Laura, I know, I know.  Slowing down is SO hard.  You are motivated and you may be thinking “Jen, this is the New Year.  It is going to be different. I got this"

Um, you’re human.

Unless you’re going to approach your goals differently this year.  Ain’t nothin’ gonna change.


BUT if you listen to me and choose one thing to work on and you do it consistently over time.  You develop a habit. 

AND THEN, you choose another ‘one thing’ to work on and you do it consistently over time.  You develop another habit. <rinse and repeat>

Do you know what habits are?

Habits are the pathway to achieving the results you want.🤯

In time, that one thing builds into many ‘things’.  And it feels, do I dare say, effortless

Think about this time next year.  Do you want to have the same goals again?  OR do you want to look back on this year and think ‘OMG, look at me! I did it!” 💪

One thing.

Not sure how to start taking action?  Check this gem of a workbook I put together to help you get started.  You are definitely going to want to click that link!

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