"I thought having a team would make my business easier."

Mar 24, 2020

Sound familiar?

Maybe you told yourself, “One day this will all be worth it.  My business will be a well-oiled machine.  Right now, I just need to get some help so that my business can continue to grow.  A team is definitely the answer to taking the pressure off.”

How’d that work out for you?

So many of my clients are surprised at how hard it is to have a team.  They thought adding bodies to their thriving business would relieve some pressure.  Instead of having to continue to hustle, they could share the workload.

It makes sense.

Except it isn’t that easy. 

YOU know exactly what your business needs.  YOU know all the moving parts. YOU live and breathe your business.

But your team doesn’t. 

They don’t know your business like you do.  They aren’t wired like you. They don’t think or work as you do. 

And that's okay.

Your team needs you to LEAD.  To tell them...

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The gift of TIME

Mar 17, 2020

There is a lot of uncertainty right now.

Our brains HATE uncertainty.

For many of us, when we feel uncertain, we start trying to control the uncontrollable.  That is a waste of mental (and physical) energy.

Right now, we can’t control a lot of what is happening with COVID-19 other than doing the FIVE:

1 HANDS - Wash them often

2 ELBOW - Cough into it

3 FACE - Don't touch it

4 FEET - Stay more than 3ft apart

5 FEEL sick? - Stay home

I want to offer that this period of uncertainty can be a gift of TIME.

One of the biggest issues my clients face is not having enough time to get everything done. 

This is literally changing minute-by-minute. 

While the number of COVID-19 cases seems to be speeding up, our pace is slowing down.

Undoubtedly, many of you have concerns about your business, and it's future.  I understand.  We are witnessing unprecedented economic times, but you CAN come out stronger than before.

Use this gift of time to focus on...

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Your team isn't your family

Mar 10, 2020

When I ask my clients about their team and the culture of their business, the response is often along the lines of ‘we are like one big ol’ family.’

Instant red flag.

Listen, I get it.  I really do.  One of my teams used to call me ‘Mama’ and it felt good…until it didn’t. 

You are going to fire members of your team.  That is just the truth of having a team.  And firing ‘family’ makes it that much harder.

You are an entrepreneur running a business.  Your employees are an investment in your business so that you can grow it.  You are not an employer of a large company.  You are not a charity organization.

That may feel a little harsh, but it is the reality. 

Leading a team is challenging enough.  Our brains like to create drama, but the reality is that leading a team doesn’t have to be that dramatic. 

It is simply business. 

Now, you can absolutely care about the...

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How to Lead

Mar 03, 2020

My guess is you found this blog because you have a desire to be a better leader. 

That is so awesome! 

So, let’s talk about what it means to lead.

Many people think that leadership is about getting other people to do what they want them to do in order to achieve a certain outcome.  

But that isn’t how I define leadership.

If you have been following me, you know I teach that one of the foundations of effective leadership is learning to manage yourself - managing your mind and the stories you tell yourself. 

I also teach you that you have zero control over other people’s thoughts, feelings, and actions.


You may be wondering, if that is true then how can anyone be a good leader?

I believe leadership comes from having confidence in yourself and your ideas.  It means showing up authentically as yourself and putting your ego aside.  Leading with the knowledge that the only person you can ever control is yourself.

Leadership is about...

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Want employee issues to be easier? Do this one thing.

Feb 18, 2020

Of course, you answered an "Oh, Hell YES!' to that question.  The hardest part of leading a team is dealing with employee issues.  They are such a drag.

But it really doesn't have to be as hard you are making it.

During a session last week a client was recounting an employee issue.  His comment was so powerful that I thought I would share it with you. 

“It is so much easier to deal with employees now that I know what to do.”

I asked him what he meant by that.

He said, “Well, I set expectations, and told them how I was going to hold them accountable to those expectations.  So, when she didn’t show up for work, I knew what to do and she knew what to expect.


Seriously, you guys!  This is where the magic happens when it comes to building an effective team.

Expectations and Accountability.

You can’t have one without the other.  It simply doesn’t work.

Have you watched my 5-day free...

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Give yourself permission to be a beginner.

Feb 11, 2020

If you are anything like me, when you tackle something new, you go ALL IN.   

You are excited to learn.  You jump in headfirst. You research all the things, you try all the things, you talk about all the things, and expect to be the expert at all the things…in 2.2 seconds.

It is kinda like eating healthy for three days and expecting to lose all your extra weight.

This approach makes most people feel defeated – maybe even hopeless – and they start to toy with the idea of giving up…quitting.

Hello – Ka-jillion dollar dieting industry!

I have seen so many people take this same approach with leadership.  They go all in.  Cram their heads with tons of information only to get burnt out and give up.   

It doesn’t work like that.  It takes time to learn how to learn anything new – including learning to lead.

I think you know that - or at least you hope that is the case – because...

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I had an 'A-ha' moment and it wasn't very pretty

Feb 04, 2020

I had an “A-ha” moment this week. 

Okay, it was more like an “I can’t believe I do that” moment. 

Let me explain. 

I am a Business Coach and a certified Life Coach.  I pride myself in knowing how our brains work.

Here's the problem, sometimes my own brain trips me up.

I hate it when that happens.

When I had my “A-ha,” I got curious.  I wanted to know why I was doing this. My curiosity led me to Carol Dweck’s book, Mindset.

Let me explain.

In her book, Dweck writes about her research on Fixed vs. Growth Mindset and how people use these in their life.

Fixed Mindset is a belief that your qualities are set in stone.  Your intelligence, your personality, your moral character. 

Whereas, Growth Mindset is a belief that your basic qualities are things that can be cultivated through your efforts, your strategies and help from others.

Let me give you an example, IQ test results.  Most...

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Stuck in indecision?

Jan 28, 2020

Just make a decision.

Yes, it is really that easy.

Don’t believe me?  Let’s look at some reasons why…

Number one, making decisions saves time and mental energy.

Being in confusion by telling yourself  "I don't know," wastes your time and mental energy. And ultimately, you stay stuck.

But here's the thing, not making a decision is actually a decision in itself. 

Number two, making decisions increases your action. 

Many of you are not taking enough action towards the things that you want.

You are saying that you're confused, you're saying that you don't know 'how', or you're hemming and hawing over what to do and which decision to make, which means you're not putting any contribution out into the world.

When you start taking action, you learn so much. And you participate in the world and you show up in a better way.

Number three, making a decision increases your growth. 

The way that you evolve is by expanding your experience both...

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Feel the fear and do it anyway!

Jan 21, 2020

Are you willing to be uncomfortable on purpose?

As an entrepreneur, my guess is that you answered yes to that question.  I mean, you did start your own company. That is not a feat for the faint of heart!

But what about when it comes to leading your team?  Do you dive headfirst into the areas of management that make you uncomfortable?

Are you a courageous leader?

It takes a boatload of courage to lead a team effectively.    Most leaders fail because they choose not to do things that are unknown and super uncomfortable.

Think about it…

You need courage to decide it is time to hire a team even though you have never managed anybody before. 

You need courage to choose between two qualified candidates. 

You need courage to slow down to set processes and expectations for your team.

You need courage to trust your team with tasks you used to handle yourself.

You need courage to hold your team (and...

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I don't know what to do.

Jan 14, 2020

How many times have you said this exact sentence?  Too many times to count?

This is what our brains do. When faced with a challenge, our brains will default to confusion.  Thoughts like “I don’t know where to start.” “I don’t know what to do.” “This is so overwhelming.”

The result?  We stay stuck.

What if you did know what to do?

When faced with a decision, rather than allowing your brain to default to indecision.  What if you asked yourself, “If I did know what to do, what would I do?”

Now your brain has something to work with – a problem to solve.

Here’s a little secret…

You do know what to do. Honestly, you do.  You need to allow your brain to noodle around with the problem.

How do you do this?  Give your brain time and space to think.  Literally.

Here a couple of things to try:

Go old school. Get out a pen and some paper and start writing.  This is by far my...

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