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You Are Not The Problem. Diets are.

What would your life look like if you gave up dieting forever and put all that energy toward creating the life you want?


  • Going to dinner with friends and not checking out the menu ahead of time to see if there is any food you can eat.

  • Wanting an ice cream cone and eating it without guilt.

  • Exercising because it feels good rather than as a form of punishment.

  • No longer letting the scale determine if you get to have a good day or not

My friend, this is possible.It's not about the food, the clothes, or the extra weight on your body. Health and happiness come from the relationship you have with yourself. It's about your thoughts and feelings. When you break free from negative self-beliefs, magic happens.You were put on Earth to do so much more than try to make your body thin.

Ditch the Diet: Heal Your Relationship with Food
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Done dieting but aren't sure what to do next?You're in the right place!In this FREE course, I teach you the three steps I used to break up with dieting and heal my relationship with food.Ready to feel in control with food? Let's go!

Jen Madden

Say Goodbye to Diets Forever.

Are you great at taking care of everyone except yourself? Do you excel in your career but wonder why you feel stuck in your own life? Do people say you look like you have it all together and you secretly thank God that they don't know the truth?You diet. You overexercise. You binge. You lose. You gain. You beat yourself up for not being strong enough. Guilt. Shame. Rinse and repeat.I understand. I've been there. Done that. There is a better way.Let me show you.

You and Me. 45-Minutes

During our time together, I will walk you through a Life and Wellness assessment. This assessment will give you an overview of your current "Life Balance" and identify areas that may need improvement.We will use this assessment as a tool to create your pathway to health. You need to know where you are before you can create a plan that will get you to your desired results.You will walk away from this call with an actionable plan on how to achieve the healthy lifestyle you truly desire.The best part this is at no cost to you!

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Hi, I'm Jen!

I’m a Certified Life Coach who after 30+ years of dieting finally learned how to make peace with food and with my body.And now I help women do the same by teaching them how to change the relationship they have with themselves and with food.I am on a mission to help women see that they are so much more than their bodies. Just imagine what you could do in your life if you took all the mental energy you use on ‘fixing your body’ and used it on living the life you want.

Work with Jen

Four Ways Your Life will be Different After Working with Jen...

  • You'll understand that you are in charge of your health.

  • You will see that you can be healthy without following a strict diet or intense exercise regime.

  • You will feel more confident and in control of all areas of your life.

  • You'll learn habits and build skills that will move you closer to the healthy lifestyle you desire.

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What Clients are saying...

Jill Angie, Founder, Not Your Average Runner

I’m a fat woman who has healed her relationship with her body and is not interested in going on a diet - but I still struggled with the ingrained diet mentality and the desire to binge and restrict.Enter Jen Madden.Working with Jen helped me heal my relationship with food. I was ready to stop the restrict-binge cycle, but I felt overwhelmed thinking about it and couldn’t seem to break the habit.Jen’s approach helped me stop seeing foods as good and bad, and therefore myself as good or bad for eating them. As someone who has changed her own relationship with food and lives a life free of the obsession, Jen understands what her clients are going through and coaches with compassion and understanding. My favorite part of the whole process?I can now have ice cream in the house without stressing out about whether to eat it or not!

Mary Mandel, Founder, Harmony Management Group

I trusted Jen completely from start to finish throughout the process.I was able to change age-old stories in my head about my weight, my own self-assessment, relationships with family & friends, and even an old injury.Doubt and fear of confrontation melted away, as did the heavy burdens that have been on my mind and shoulders for years and years.And as I was going through the process my business more than doubled. The abundance in my life was overwhelming and also beyond amazing."

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Life is hard. But it doesn’t have to be as hard as we make it.We are born as amazingly unique beings. Yet the world teaches us that there is an ideal life we should all want. As a result, we spend our lives striving for the ideal body, the world’s definition of success, the perfect relationship, etc. because we think those things will make us happy and loved.They won’t. I have broken up with the idea of striving for the ideal. I am on a journey to embrace my unique self and I want to help you do the same.
Shall we navigate this thing called life together?
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